Charger Settings for Fromeco Lithium Ion Packs

Charger Settings for our Lithium Ion Batteries

  1. *LITHIUM POLYMER Setting*  DO NOT use the Lithium Ion setting if the charger has it.   If you use the Lithium Ion setting on a charger for our batteries the batteries will not be fully charged.   Yes the batteries are Lithium Ion, but the Lithium Ion setting inside of chargers is designed for 7.2VDC battery packs, ours are 7.4VDC just like a Lithium Polymer.
  2. 7.4VDC nominal (Lithium Polymer charge setting)  8.4VDC will be observed when fully charged. 
  3. 2Cell for both the 2600mAh and the 5200mAh.   The 5200mAh pack does physically have 4 cells, however it is still charged as a 2 Cell. 
  4. Charge Rate-  2.6Amps for 2600mAh battery pack,  5.2Amps for 5200mAh (connector limiting, JR connectors CAN NOT handle 5.2Amps.)  


  • I’m good without the balance plug but do you need to determine the battery voltage of both cells in the 2600 mah or don’t bother or worry, just charge up to 7.4 VDC using the Lipo setting?

    Marty Nowell
  • Hi Mark, they do not come standard with a balance plug, they can be requested, however have a limited supply and type. So it is best to supply us with what you need.

    Kurt Cook
  • So, When charging these bateries, I understand I would use the LiPO seting on my charger. But do the batteries have a balance plug as well?

    Mark Mackey

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