Multiple output leads

Why do I need more than one JR out put lead on a Regulator??


One question we get a lot at Fromeco is, "Why is there an option for more than 1 JR out put lead on a Sahara?". 

The standard hobby out put lead is not the most optimal connection.   Due to their size and connection method, they can and do often induce resistance into your flight system.  

We build the Sahara regulator to handle Feans in and Feans out.   However many pilots due to set up constraints go straight from their Regulators right into their receivers.  (this is not a bad thing)   Often this set up is a Feans from battery, to switch, to regulator.   However once you hit the receiver something must be done to actually get the power into the RX.   In most cases Feans can not be used.    **This gives you a Sahara with Feans in and a JR out. 


Now for the Explantion:

Many of you may have heard me on the phone giving the Fire Hose Garden Hose analogy. 

Which goes like this, if you take a Fire Hose and Hook a Garden Hose to the end of it, you will only get the maximum water flow of the Garden Hose, or realistically the Gargen hose will explode, but you get my point.  

Doubling or even trippling the JR out put lead on the Sahara reduces the resistance of the JRby either 1/2, or if you have 3, 1/3.   It also doubles or tripples the rated amperage flow, this is essentially a factor of less resistance.   When you have a high flow, low resistance system (Feans 16awg wire), and you add a JR connection you are basically doing the Fire Hose to Garden Hose deal.   The goal with multiple out puts is to get as many Garden Hoses on the Fire Hose as possible.

Where does the 2nd or 3rd JR connector go?  Any Open Port on your Receiver. 

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