What Wiring does Fromeco Carry?

Fromeco Stocks:

AWG=American Wiring Gauge

  • 16AWG for Standard use in high amperage applications for RX use.  
  • 9" 2 conductor JR™  male housing, female electrical, (plugs into receiver) 
  • 9" 2 conductor Futaba™  female housing, male electrical, (plugs into battery) 

What wire lengths can I get?

If you are getting heavy gauge wire 16awg, the length is unlimited as long as we have enough.   That being said, Fromeco is not a wire retailer, our prices on raw wire length is higher than what can be found if a little shopping is done.   This is because we don't specialize wire and our prices are tailored to precut lengths that are applied to our products.  We will cut any length that you need though.

If you are ordering JR™  and Futaba™  leads, the length of the leads will 9".   Customers from time to time ask us for longer leads.   The only way for us to lengthen our JR™  and Futaba™  leads is to solder an extension in the wire.   We rarely do this, this creates a weak for Failure point in the wire.   If you need a longer lead, you will need to purchase pre-made extensions.   Please remember we are a manufacture and we only carry what we need to manufacture our products. 

Can I get larger awg wire into a JR or Futaba?

Simple answer is NO.
This practice makes no sense from an engineering standpoint.   Many think that larger wires that are attached to a JR™  or Futaba™  are going to increase amperage through put or decrease voltage loss.   For the most part this is not true.  It is true on longer wire runs a slightly larger wire awg on the connector will decrease voltage loss.   However the problem with standard hobby connectors "JR™  and Futaba™ " is the connector not the wiring.    Even if 22awg wire is used the wire spec exceeds that of the connector. 

What actual connectors do you carry?

  • 9" 2 conductor JR™  male housing, female electrical, (plugs into receiver) 
  • 9" 2 conductor Futaba™  female housing, male electrical, (plugs into battery) 
  • 9" Amass  ultra connectors Male and Female 
  • Power Poles™ 
  • Multiplex™  type connectors 
  • EC3 Horizon Hobby™ 

Fromeco only carries these connectors, we DO NOT carry JR™  Female housings, or Futaba™  Male housings.   If you need these connections you will need to go to your local hobby shop and buy jumper connectors to make you desired connections fit.   As mentioned above Fromeco is a Manufacture of products, we can't carry every conceivable combination of wiring and connectors.   The connectors we do carry would be considered universal in the fact that hey basically fit 99% of all applications.  

NOTE: The JR™  heavy duty switch Charge Jack will NOT fit our charge leashes, and as a matter of fact they will not fit any off brand connector but JR™ .   If you have JR™  heavy duty switches you will have to purchase small JR™  jumpers to make your charge connection through the switch.  Fromeco will NOT furnish these for you.  We have found the Cermark™ , Maxx™  products, and Smartfly™  heavy duty switches do fit our charge jacks.   Fromeco's recommendation is SmartFly™  due to the fact that they come reworked with Heavy Duty wire and Amass. 


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    I want to buy Wolverine Switch, Wiring Configuration: 2 EC3 in 3 JR out
    Do you ship this order to Brazil??

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    Adriano Miyata

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