Cycling Lithium Ion

Cycling Lithium Ion (NOT NEEDED) 

Lithium ion batteries do not require any forming protocols.  We tend to ask a few questions when a load checkers is showing a normal fully loaded voltage but an unusually depressed loaded voltage. 

  • Is the battery installed in a system?
  • Where is the battery in regards to the charging lug, in other words are you tapped directly off the battery or are you going through a switch?
  • How long is the lead from the switch to the battery?
  • How long is the lead on your load checker? 
  • What is the make/model of load checker? 
  • Has the load checker been confirmed to be functional (i.e., different checker => same results)?

These are all things that can give a significant amount of voltage loss in a system.  This is due to resistance or "line loss".

We do like to work with our customers directly with this sort of issue, because damaged cells (e.g., stored in high heat) also exhibit more of a drop than normal under load.  This is one reason why routine load checking is so important; given a properly functioning load checker they will give early notice of any problems in the electrical system.

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