Life Span of Lithium Ions

Life Span on Lithium Ions


The stated spec for Lithium Ion cells is 3yrs from the manufacture.  Fromeco strongly recommends replacing them every 2 years. 

Because there are many things that will effect a batteries life span, it is hard to just put a cap at a 2yr mark.   If the batteries are properly taken care of stored correctly they deliver a good 3 year service life.   Longer in some cases. 

Things you can do to test the viability of your packs at the 2yr mark and past.

  1. Load test your cells with a 1amp load.  This needs to be done directly at the pack.  NO switches, wiring, jumpers, charge leashes should be between your pack and the load device. The voltage drop accross your pack should be no more than .50volts.   
  2. Do a capacity discharge test.  Your pack should read 20% of capacity after 2yrs. 


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