Lithium Ion and Fire

Are Lithium Ions prone to fires like Lithium Polymers


Are LiIon batteries as prone to over charge fires, etc as lipo batteries?  I have a friend who pulls and stores in a fire safe.  Is it necessary?

No, it really depends on the brand and quality of battery.  We can tell you with the utmost certainty that the Samsung, Sanyo, Molicel, and LG Chem. batteries are not prone to overcharging fires.  There are few reasons for this that have to do with the mechanical makeup of the individual cells themselves.  Fromeco only uses Samsung batteries.  We have had very limited experience with other manufactures of Lithium Ion Cells.  I could not comment on if they are more or less prone than lipos, since I have no evidence one way or the other. 

You do need to treat these things with respect, and always monitor both the charging health and flight health.  As far as storage in a Fire Proof safe, If that is what he wants to do there is really no problem with it.  That safe is more suited to the Lithium Polymer batts than the Lithium Ions for sure.  We don't store my flight packs in a Safe, we do store my Lipos in a special place though.

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