Using the "Cholesterol Ratio" is one of the quickest ways to detect movement in your cholesterol in either direction (good or bad? (if your faith system requires that)). The lower your Cholestrol Ratio, the higher the supposed benefit. So in theory, you want the lowest number possible. To do this you need to try to manipulate the Cholestrol types that you can easly control... HDL and Trigs (TG/ Trigylcerides). Trying to manipulate your LDL is a fools errand. Unless you want to take a Statin, which I will attempt to show you are not deficient in.


TC (total cholestrol) = 230
Break Down
LDL = 150
HDL = 30
TG = Actual 250 = Total 50

So (TG 250*.20) + LDL150 + HDL30 = 230

Cholesterol Ratio = 7.66

If you change your HDL (easiest to manipulate it takes no self control), from 30 to a reading of 40 which is the Minimum required by the medical establishment (again apply faith here) your cholesterol ratio drops amost a full 1.6 points, this is after adjusting TC up 10.

TC =240
LDL = 150
HDL = 30 + 10 = 40
TG = 250

Cholesterol Ration = 6.0

If you change both hour HDL and your Trigs, it will make very large changes. If you get your Trigs down to where they should be <100 (means quite eating most Carbs)

TC = 210
LDL =150
HDL = 40
TG = 100

Cholesterol Ratio 5.25 / Boost your HDL where it should be at, say 60 now your a 3.5

Ways to boost your HDL eat EGGS, the whole thing, preferably the YOLK. (I wish I could take back all the Yolks I threw away trying to loose weight what a moron).

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Other good ways to boost your HDL is the increase the ingestion of Saturated Fat of all kinds.

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The best way to control your Trigylcerides is the stop the sugar. This means carbohydrates. Since all the factors for Metobolic Syndrome are there including some outliers such as slow Thyroid, and low Testosterone, I would re-evaluate all the carbs in the diet. When you have Metobolic Syndrome, carbs cause your TG system to swing more than it would normally. I would only eat carbs that were slow release, Berries, Nuts, Resistant Starches.

One of the things that doctors do prescribe as a TG lowering substance is Fish Oil, and Cod Liver Oil. This does work. You do need to becareful though. All fish oil is not created equally. After trying several different types I found the best is "Carlson" this can be found at Fred Bears in the hippie section, NOTE: it is expensive. I do 2 table spoons every morning along with my Kimchi, and potato starch.

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Niacin is reported to Lower LDL raise HDL, there are many doctors who prescribe this as a pre-treatment before one would go on statins. My problem is it jacks your blood sugar through the roof. Debs brother took Niacin and it made him feel like crap, it wasn't until I researched it and informed her bro (who is a Type2) that Niacin jacks up your blood sugar that he tried to find an alternative to it.

Diet Recources
There are many more than this, I will list them if requested. However here are 2 of the best. They are not extreme (like what I do) Carb intake is somewhere between 100g to 150g per day.

Ph.D. Paul Jaminet (Perfect Health Diet) Dr. Paul was an Astrophysicist @ Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. His wife Shou-Ching Shih Jaminet, a molecular biologist and Cancer Researcher.

Marks Daily Apple (Mark Sisson) This is who Puplava follows as do I. Mark was a world class athelete that did everything the way he was supposed to literally until he started to break in his late forties. At which point he re-examined the way he was eating, (which was picture puuuuurfect according to Micheal Obama).

Check your POOP its fucking important
Bristol Stool Scale Wiki You want to be a 3-4, preferably always a "NO Wiper" however a wipe should always be initiated to the postier for prosperity.

Getting your gut health in order is critical, it will actually lower your TC. Probiotics are essential (I don't mean pills either), KimChi, Kefir, Saurkraut (uncooked). If you eat the Probiotics with Resistant Starch your gut will love you. With in 3 to 4 months you will be pumping out 3-4's. Resistant Starch also lowers Blood Glucose (my N=1 Proves this to be true).

ABCTV Australia / Show Called Catalyst (its equal in the states would be 60 min.)
Published in October 2013 part of a 3 part Series