Carden Extra 260 FOR SALE

Fromeco is not selling this plane!  Only placing the add for a local friend of the company.   If you call Fromeco about this plane, you will be redirected to the information below. 

Call or Email for pricing information.   Contact information is at the bottom of the text portion above the pictures. 

Price is Negotiable, to a point. 

Professionally built Carden Extra 260


Flown @ 2009  Tucson Shootout. Plane flew flawless ....
NEVER Flown Freestyle - setup for IMAC only
Mejzlik 28 5 x 12 3 blade
Mejzlik spinner
Carden Carbon Fiber main gear 
Carbon Fiber wing tube 
Carbon Fiber stab tube 
DA 150 on MTW TD 110 cans and headers – no leaks, DA ignition
8611a's on ailerons (2 per) with JR Matchboxes
8611's one per elevator half,

8711's - 2 on PUSH/PULL rudder
Throttle servo 4721
2 x Fromeco 5200 7.4 new, two Fromeco regulators (set at6.0) and a Fromeco DC up for flight system
1 x Fromeco 2600 7.4 for ignition with Fromeco regulator
Smart Fly fiber-optic ignition cut 
Fromeco switches Badger on Ignition, Wolverine on flightpacks.
Fuel Dot

EXTRAS Come with it.
Fromeco cube charger
Plane cover, wing bags, stab covers all by Caroline @Carden aircraft , 2 blade prop cover
New wheel pants (primer) uninstalled and matching quarts of paint colors included
Stabs have adjustable incidence +/- 3 degrees independent ofeach other for laser precision setup(which is how I setup my planes)
All up dry weight 35 lbs. 10 oz.


RX in pics NOT included..... unless you want to purchase the TX.
IF your interested in the 14 MZ I will include the following with that purchase.
Fromeco battery checker 
Tower hobbies tach
O'Brien IR temperature gauge 



Plane is smooth and quiet. It's a fantastic plane to fly. Most of the NW IMAC guys who have been around for awhile know this plane well. 
If I were going to start flying again, I would NOT sell this plane, however, I would replace all the fuel line (in tank too), check all fasteners and linkage,confirm (which I am confident there would be no problem) 
All Batteries are past time for replacement.  
There are a few other things to discuss. If you're seriously interested please call or email me for a detailed discussion. I have about 40 pics.