ON/OFF not properly indexed to the switch on New TNC Aluminum Cases

Hello Folks,

 First let me thank you if you have purchased one of our New TNC's with the Aluminum Cases.   

There have been a couple of complaints by some of our distributors and they are valid ones.   

1. Yours truly, who designed the case and manufacture the case in our Vast Fromeco shop made a booboo.   The nomenclature for ON/OFF is backwards in the engraving on the case.   My thought process on this was, this is the ON/OFF switch.  Not the direction of the switch.   This is pretty much unacceptable on a $150.00 piece of kit.   NOTE: The nomenclature being backwards does not effect the operation of the TNC in any way. 
The instruction on how to navigate this error are:

  • Place thumb on Left most Slider Switch Labeled ON/OFF 
  • Slide this switch to the Right, this is the "ON" position, now observe that the LED display has illuminated and is showing text. IF you attempt this an the LED display does not illuminated you have a dead battery. 
  • To Turn off the unit place your thumb on the left most switch and slide it to the Left, this is the "OFF" position.  

From this point forward TNC's will not be manufactured with nomenclature backwards.  So, if you own one of these Jems you now have a rare exclusive item. Hopefully some day they will be worth millions:-).    There are only 50 of these units in circulation. 


2. The weight of the TNC with Aluminum case.   Yes they are heavy, they are billet Aluminum.   The reason for the extreme weight is, Machining time.  In order to make them lighter, I would need to increase the machine time which is already too high. 
So it is better to think of the Extreme weight as a Feature.   It could be used as a Wheel Chock possibly, or if you are being chased by a bear you could throw it at him.