This page is nothing more than a bunch of articles and Videos where I try to convince you that Statins are not the way to go.... Not only that but they will FUCK YOU UP.

You will see a lot of articles that come form Dr. Duane Graveline, MD, MPH. and or his site.
Reason why is, he is what is called a, "Statin Survivor", there are 20-30% of the population that really gets fucked up, (more then the other 70-80% do). He was so screwed up he wrote several books about it, and also has a web site about it. He has compiled tons of information about statins from all sources.
His Credentials are:
USAF Flight Surgeon

Update 03/16/15 Statins and Parkinson's

Thomas D. Meade, M.D. Statins and CoQ10

Duane Graveline M.D. M.P.H. Statin Damage Crisis

Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig Ph.D. This is a great Article, Mary Enig is a Lipidologist, this is a really comprehensive, what can happen to you, what you doing to your self, what you are actually going to achieve. Be sure to pay special attention to Heart Failure, and think CoQ10. Also read the all the comments on this one, basically a huge public symptoms board.

Joel M. Kauffman, Ph.D. This is a Great Paper.

NCBI (Pub 2005)

Dr. Ron Rosedale Great Article Very good sound clip at the end good to listen too.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra Stephen Sinatra is a Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Dwight C. Lundell NOTE: Dr. Lundell I believe was forced to give up his medical practice I think through litigation, I forget what the cause was, I researched this at one time and the only thing that I can recall is it struck me as he got the shaft. Point being the guy in his career preformed over 5k bypass operations. In other words knows the inside of a chest.

Dr. Dwight C. Lundell Second article

Dr. Stephen Sinatra Last 5 paragraphs says it all. Just so you know you don' t have what is considered "High Cholesterol".

Dr. Paul J. Rosch M.D., M.A., F.A.C.P. Good articl

Dr. Mercola
NOTE: Dr. Mercola sells shit, but he knows what he is talking about.

ABCTV Australia Show Called the Catalyst
This show is equal to 60 min here in the states.
This TV Show caused a huge up roar in Au. from what I understand tons of people quit taking thier statins after watching this broadcast. From what I understand the Au heart foundation and the drug companies
urged Catalyst to not air the program. Some Blow Back

Dr. Mercola and Chris Masterjohn
Chris Masterjohn is well respected in this community as a researcher. He is the first one to debunk the China Study, and he didn't just sort of debunk it either.
Pay attention to
min: 1:08:00 area, again you don't have high TC, your ratio could be better but that is fixable.
min: 1:11:00 area, Thyroid and Testosterone note your readings corrilate

Dr. Mercola Stephanie Seneff
Great interview, the middle gets a little dry, talking about pregnant women, rest of it is great.
***Pay attention early on, you will discover why you don't see many research papers showing the damages of Statins, ya can't get em published.

Here is a list of UnPublished papers dealing with Cholesterol, almost all the articles mention Statins or are talking about Statin Guid Lines.

Dr. David Diamond, not really about Statins, however it is about David and his high Cholesterol and what he did to correct it.