8 Ball Load Checker

8 Ball Load Checker

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Pictured to the left is an earlier version of our 8BALL that is not inscribed with the Fromeco Logo and 8BALL.

The Fromeco Load Checker is a buttonless 1.0amp load checker. We have designed our new Load checker to be about as simple as they come. Plug in your battery and wait for readings.  

  • Displays the Unloaded DC Voltage of your Relion Battery Packs Displays Voltage under a 1.0amp Load

    No fly warning at 7.0 Volts under a 1.0amp load

  • New 8 Ball goes into a Digital Voltmeter mode after the Load checks have completed. New 3 Digit LCD, now reads to .01VDC. Display readable in sunlight. New small size, about the size of a deck of cards. New Billet Aluminium Case, strong enough to drive nails with.  Chamfered edges that allow you just put in your pocket and pack around with you.

  • Why is the 8BALL called and "8BALL"?   It is not a drug reference.   It is named after the novelty toy created in the 1950's that when shaken and "FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN" it would give you your fortune in the form of a answer to a question that you asked of it.   Unlike the toy 8BALLS, Fromeco's 8BALL gives you the right answer every time. Our 8 Ball doesn't require any shaking, but it may require that you turn it upside down.  :-)