Badger Switch

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The Badger Switch is a Solid State switch designed for powering flight control systems in small and giant scale aircraft. 

Badger's come in 2 different colors, Silver Aluminum, and Blue anodized Aluminum.  Badger's can also have several different types of wiring installed, although the Amass in and Amass out, and the Futaba in and JR out are the most sold versions.

The Badger utilizes a Solid State design which is also often called a "Soft Switch" and is also associated with the moniker "Fail Safe".    Fromeco generally does not approve of the saying "Fail Safe", because there are instances where a "Fail Safe", type unit can fail.   Badger Switches do use a very small amount of power when the off position, 80microamps which is a minuscule amount of power.

The Badger line of switches also incorporates a blue Power on LED, this allows pilots to see if they have left a switch in the "ON" position when placed in a darker area, such as a garage with lights off, or in the back of a Vehicle when night fall has arrived.   The Feature is import to help pilots who inadvertently leave their switches "ON" catch the problem to save their Lithium Ion or Lithium Phosphate battery packs from being over discharged.  


  • Badger Switches utilize and Open Frame design to save weight on the overall switch.
  • Badger Switches have minimal voltage loss due to the fact that main current flow is not going through a set of switch Contacts.
  • Badger Switches Rated for 13amps of current, most mechanical switches are only rated for 5amps.
  • Power "ON" LED indicator.
  • Mechanical switch incorporates a Ridged Paddle design which requires force for the detent to pass, this in turn gives a positive feel for switching ON and prevents the switch from vibrating into the OFF position.  

Pictured above are Badger Face plates fresh off the mill after a fresh water wash down.  

Stacks of Badger Face plates, hours of mill time, ready to productive parts of Aircraft. 

Little behind the scenes CAM work, all Fromeco aluminum work is made by us in our shop, we could get it cheaper from China,,, but we don't!