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What is a DC-UP Mark II?
It is a capacitor system designed to relieve your Receiver Bus from lower voltage swings due to high current spikes and prolonged current draw. The unit is simple and easy to use. The DC-UP Mark II has 1 JR lead that is plugged into your RX Bus. When the Plane or Helicopter is powered up, the DC-up charges it's capacitor bank. It then lays in wait and supplies bridge amperage as it is demanded by your servos, and or other radio equipment.


New Improvements with Mark II Version of DC-UP
New Expanded voltage, now rated up to 8.4volts.
New Radial LED read out with lowest voltage attained hold.
Flat front mount for mounting in cockpit floor, or dash as instrument.


What kind of power are we Talking about?
There are other units in the market place that are similar in the fact that they are a capacitor designed to take load off the receivers bus system, much like the DC-UP does. Most of the units are 47µf to 250µf. The (µ) stands for Micro, and the (f) stands for farad. A farad is the unit of capacitance in the meter-kilogram-second system equal to the capacitance of a capacitor having a charge of 1 coulomb when a potential difference of 1 volt is applied, or in other words 1 unit of energy for a capacitor. A Micro is used to denote that the meaurement is 1 Millionth part.

So the other units sold in the market today in lemans terms are 47 Millionth of a Farad to 250 Millionth of a Farad.

The Fromeco DC-UP is 1.25f, in other words it stores a tremendous amount of power. We do this all in less than 1oz in weight, with a very small mounting footprint.