Futaba T8FG Relion Battery Pack

Futaba T8FG Relion Battery Pack

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NOTE: This battery Pack Can NOT be charged with the Stock Futaba charger that comes with the Radio.  A charger designed for Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer must be used. 

T8FG Transmitter Pack.

7.0VDC under a 1amp load for Recharge
7.4VDC Nominal
8.4VDC Full Charge 

Fits we know of:

Futaba® T8FG
Futaba® T8FG Super

900mA's more capacity than the stock pack
3.3 Onces
Uses same cells as the Fromeco Relion ~ Reliable, Rugged, and Safe

Legal Stuff
Fromeco does not warranty Transmitters.  Use this product at your own risk.   Consult your Futaba® owners manual before using.

Fromeco Stuff
Fromeco has done some online research on the matter of the use of a Lithuim Ion or Polymer (8.4Volt) battery in the T8FG transmitter.  From what we have found many flyers are having great success with this combination.