Sahara Regulator

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The all new Sahara Regulator by Fromeco is one of the highest rated Linear regulators in the RC market. Specifically designed to operate at High Delta V, pass high currents, and dissipate more heat than any of our competitors. The Sahara is capable of 9amps of continuous current. The new Sahara, is as light as the old retired "the Regulator" that used to be offered by Fromeco. Weighing in at 1.4oz's with 9" Amass and 2 JR out puts, and about 1.1oz with the "standard" JR in and out.  The new increased current capacity that the Sahara can handle makes it an excellent choice for the new power hungry servos in todays market.  

Fromeco Regulators are FULLY ADJUSTABLE, voltage is adjustable from 5.4VDC to 8.4VDC voltages may vary -+ .05 volts on upper and lower end.  Custom voltages available upon request (please call).

Building off one of Fromeco's best, and most used Regulators in the market, the "Arizona" regulator line for helicopters.   The Sahara is a vetted design, utilizing traces that are 3/32" wide. Combine those details with 16awg wire, Amass Connectors or Anderson Power Poles, **3 out put leads, and a massive heat sink, as standard equipment and you have a regulator like few others in the market.

The Sahara Heat Sink

As always Fromeco's heat sinks are custom designs of our own that are custom CNC milled out of billet Aluminum by US.  The new Sahara heat sink is terribly efficient, allowing for maximum cooling in all weather conditions world wide, and excels in places like Tucson!


Pictured above is the older version of our Heat sink which was Blue. 

Above is the New Sahara Heat sink being milled in our shop, test fit in the vise jaws. 

Fresh in from Anodizing at APA in Wood Village Oregon.   Oh and they are RED Now:-)